Saturday, 2 January 2010

Titchfield Haven - birding highlights

Panurus biarmicus

A visit to Titchfield Haven brought good views of a small flock 9(10) of bearded reedlings Panurus biarmicus feeding on Phragmites australis just inside the south gate.
Unusual for this site a flock of golden plover Pluvias apricaria roosted amongst lapwing Vanellus vanellus on the south scrapes northern bank. The scrapes themselves were completely frozen over leaving the waders to roost in all but single specie flocks on the small islands, whilst BH gulls Larus ridibundus flocked directly on the ice. 3 avocet recurvirostra avosetta were also noted.
A single bittern Botaurus stellaris was seen in flight heading up river at around 13:10 mobbed by two BH gulls.
Branta leucopsis from Knightsbank hide
Arenaria interpres Hill Head harbour
Recurvirostra avosetta single bird on north scrape with Vanelluss vanellus

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