Saturday, 16 January 2010

Garden birding

The recent thaw has seen the numbers of redwing Turdus iliacus and fieldfare Turdus pilaris greatly reduced within the city.  Although yesterday I noted circa 35 - 40 redwing with sev. blackbird Turdus merula and sev. starling  Sturnus vulgaris feeding in the flowerbeds and on the lawns of Southsea Common, winter thrush have not been seen over the house for a couple of days.

A single fieldfare was last seen holding its feeding territory in the garden on the morning of the 13th January but was not seen after that.

Instead, today the garden featured at least three individual blackbirds (1 x male and 2 fem birds) a songthrush Turdus philomelos and 3 wood pigeon Columba palumbus; a robin Erithacus rubecula was also noted in next doors garden but during the briefest of garden birdwatches it did not migrate across the fenceline. The seed mix bowl was empty by mid afternoon today. The "orchard" has barely been touched.

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