Saturday, 19 November 2016

Cornish Lifer - and possibly the worst ever record shot?

Returning from Lizard we stopped off at The Point overlooking Restronguet Creek, Truro; and after searching the low tide mud flats and tidal creek for half an hour - we finally found the Dalmation pelican (Pelecanus crispus), which has been reported in Cornwall and elsewhere in the UK since May 2016.

Dalmation pelican 19th November 2016

Like a Sesame Street muppet, the bird's massive head suddenly appeared from within a deep mud channel midway across the creek. It provided an opportunity for possibly my worst phone-scoped record shot ever?

It then took off and gave great but distant flight views before settling on the water approx. 1 km south of us. It still looked huge even at that distance, especially compared to the local swans, but afforded no opportunity for further record shots.

A Lifer. For a discussion of it's potential origins as a wild bird have a look at:

Birdguides - Dalmation pelican