Saturday, 8 January 2011

"If you go down to the woods today .." a voluntary diversion

The days volunteering activity with Hampshire Conservation Volunteers  at Burridge Pond Nr Swanwick, Hampshire, managing the scrub layer on the bund behind the pond; turned out to be only a morning's activity due to the good turn out of volunteers and the small size of the site.

The afternoon's newly found freedom provided an opportunity for a sociable walk and bird-watch along the banks of the Hamble and the Cur via Curbridge Nature Reserve, with the added attraction of a well-earned mid-walk pint at the Horse and Jockey, Curbridge.

En route we were unexpectedly entertained by the garish assortment of plastic motifs and votives attached to one of the path side trees. Although not completely sure if the self titled "Fairy House" was the product of some quasi pagan whimsy, or simply child's play?

A sense of play was certainly present in a nearby dead-hollow tree with a tiny dumper truck placed ironically at its centre. And in fairness if you are going to willfully litter in a semi-natural and ancient woodland a GSH is probably the only way to get a conservationist any where near on side?

To add to our bemusement the Horse and Jockey was closed on a Saturday lunch-time?

A second well-timed diversion to Hook with Warsash, enabled us to bird the high tide roost at the Bunny Meadows and follow it up by a quick pint at the Rising Sun whilst we collated the final and most important bird list of the day the "pub window list".

The "pub window list": turnstone (Arenaria interpres), pied wagtail (motacilla alba), rock pipit (Anthus petrosus), bh gull (Larus ridibundus), redshank (Tringa totanus).

Please N.B. this blog item does not represent the views of Hampshire Conservation Volunteers, if you would like to find out more about the great work they do please go to:

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