Saturday, 20 March 2010

Morning bird-song

Having not heard a song thrush at morning song since Saturday 6th March, my week day wake ups have been silent bar for the rattle of house sparrows and blue tits.

This morning I was delighted to be woken up by a blackbird in full voice. Blackbird remains my favourite song bird and not unentirely because it has, until this years song thrush interlude, been the only bird(s) whose song has graced the back gardens of this central city terrace. And what grace.

Numbers of birds feeding and active around the gardens have dropped noticeably over this last week. Thrush numbers in particular - the song thrush appear to have completely gone, and blackbirds were down to two (poss three) males only by Thursday. I haven't noticed a fem blackbird since the start of the week.

Blue tit and great tit are still present, and the house sparrows are getting noisier and increasing in their activity, robin has only been noted on occasion. Wood pigeon hoover the seed mix.

With loud rumours of swallow in the west of the country

and wheatear on the coast;  It will be good to get out and get some fresh air and proper spring birding action, when these end of term assignment deadlines are met.

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