Tuesday, 16 February 2010

New Forest Birding Off - back to the Garden then !

With the weather forecast so grim, the planned NF birding trip for today was cancelled last night before anyone had to set their alarms for stupid o'clock. This morning I resorted to a quick garden bird watch instead.

My neighbours garden still continues to hold the birds longer than mine at the moment - down to both the meal worms and fat ball on offer, against my seed mixes and peanuts (the latter appearing to be completely ignored).

Having woken to the sound of a songthrush Turdus philomelos singing this morning, I was pleased to see one of the regulars in the garden a little later on. A male house sparrow Passer domesticus; blackbird Turdus merula (4 individuals); 2 x blue tit Cyanistes caeruleus;  3 x wood pigeon Columba palumbus and a single robin Erithacus rubecula all present over the brief watch. 

A single magpie Pica pica first noted 14.02.10 was again seen taking big chunks out of the fat ball before heading over the wall for seed. The magpie is the second bird added to the garden list recently - two herring gull Larus argentatus spent some time on the neighbours kitchen roof at the end of last week taking respite from the aerial combat they were engrossed in overhead as part of a larger group.

Elsewhere Ian reported that he had a blackcap Sylvia atricapilla this morning on the apples in his Surrey garden.

Fair weather birders maybe - but it is dismal outside with only the shortest of breaks between the showers.

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