Saturday, 10 October 2009

little beasts and garden 'shrooms

With no time this weekend for any lengthy wildlife expedition, a quick trip to the back garden produced albeit a limited opportunity for some natural history blog activity: with two female (European) garden spiders Araneus diadematus staking claim to the south facing shrubs, soaking up today's sunshine after yesterday's downpours.
I also noticed for the first time the appearance of fungi within the lawn, with up to 8 small brown caps all less than 1cm wide poking up through the distressed sward - after a hasty thumb through Paul Sterry's "A Photographic guide to Mushrooms of Britain and Europe" - my best guess being that they are possibly Galerina mycenopsis a fungi associated with mossy lawns and grassland? I will have to keep an eye on them to see how they develop.
fem. Araneus diadematus
fem. Araneus diadematus
Poss. Galerina mycenopsis

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