Sunday, 17 August 2014

St Wilfrid's Chapel, Church Norton

Dedicated in 1982 to Reginald Charles Chaplin a local naturalist, this beautiful stained glass window situated in the west wall of St Wifrid's Chapel, Church Norton, captures some wildlife highlights of Selsey Bill in stunning glory.

The window is signed by Michael Farrar Bell.

St Wilfrid's is the remnant of a 13th Century church called St Peter's and it was originally the chancel of the earlier building. For more information on the church and its other stained glass windows, have a look at:


  1. Fascinating, Peter. Those windows are stunning !

  2. Hi Sarah, all the stained glass windows in the chapel, are stunning - and I use that word reservedly - I plan to blog the others on "a walk amongst stones" after my next visit. (I do particularly like the golden plover in this window, it captures the jizz).